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Functions & Duties of BMCs

  • To ensure conservation, sustainable utilization and equitable sharing of benefits from the use of biological resources.
  • The main function of the BMC is to prepare People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) in consultation with local people. The Register shall contain comprehensive information on availability and knowledge of local biological resources, their medicinal or any other use or any other traditional knowledge associated with them.
  • The National Biodiversity Authority and the State Biodiversity Boards shall consult the Biodiversity Management Committees while taking any decision relating to the use of biological resources and knowledge associated with such resources occurring within the territorial jurisdiction of the BMC.
  • The Biodiversity Management Committees may levy charges by way of collection fees from any person/entity for accessing or collecting any biological resource for commercial purposes from areas falling within its territorial jurisdiction.
  • The other functions of the BMC are to advice on any matter referred to it by the State Biodiversity Board or National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) for granting approval to access bio-resources, to maintain data about the local Vaids and practitioners using the biological resources.
  • The BMC shall perform any other function as assigned by Central/State Govt. or NBA/SBB.